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Shortly after Omani arrived in the U.S. his U. S. guardian started having dreams and visions of Chinese scenes and temples and seeing people dressed in period garb of Chinese nobles and monks in the dreams and visions. The pervasive feeling emerged that past life memories were emerging. Work with a psychic subsequently, revealed/confirmed some of these suspicions of Omani’s guardian to be the case.



Within three weeks of arriving in the U. S. Omani was traveling and visited Mt. Shasta among several states that he traveled to. In Mt. Shasta at a gathering of the Inka Q’ero, his guardian and he sat down under the tree next to a person who had been studying Vajrayana Buddhism out of all the people gathered at the event. As his guardian took Omani out of his carrying case to join other crystals on the altar set up for the event, her eyes widened and she began telling Omani’s guardian about the Buddhas on his head and asked to take pictures of them to a Rinpoche. Omani ignites the interest of most who see him. One person started sketching him that day. He has a magnetic charm. When Mary first saw a picture of him, she thought he looked rather gaudy. That quickly changed as she started feeling his magnetic appeal. Mary had hoped to connect with a friend from Canada on the trip to Mt. Shasta, but Mary’s friend reported the connection was not going to work. Every day or so the friend from Canada would think of maybe another city or airport Mary could fly into that would be closer for the two to connect in. Finally, she said it just wasn’t meant to be or wouldn’t work. Mary finally decided to just think good thoughts and that the connection would still happen somehow despite her friends lack of optimism and stated decision it would have to be some other time. Mary proceeded with her other trip arrangements and booked her flights. The next day the friend called back and said Omani came into her thoughts and she said to him crabbily: “What do you want?” and he wouldn’t seem to leave her alone so she went back to her computer and looked at airports again and came up with Bellingham, Washington as a place Mary could fly into where Mary, Omani and her friend all could meet and it looked like this would finally work in Mary’s friend’s schedule and in Mary’s. Mary started laughing when she heard the story.  This is just one example, of the interesting things that happen around Omani. And Mary’s friend had a very emotional meeting with Omani when they met. She reported it was like reuniting with a family member.



Those drawn to meditating with Omani or who have been in his presence report distinctive experiences with him. One gentleman who meditated with Max at a Max exhibition in Texas where Omani was present was intrigued with Omani and wanted to have his picture taken with both Max and Omani. He decided to put one hand on Max’s crown and the other on Omani’s crown for the picture. Admittedly, he felt the meditation experience he had had with Max earlier in the day was very powerful. However, upon putting a hand on the crown of each skull while having his picture taken, he reported the experience of having the hair on the back of his neck stand up and remarked with surprise on the powerful effect of Omani in combination with Max.


As another unique example, one lady who experienced Omani and Ixchel at a speaking event by their guardian Mary DeLaat in Pennsylvania felt she experienced an altered state in their presence and that they wanted her to sing to them. This woman in fact was a singer although her full time job is as a manager in a health care organization. This woman was then guided to sign up for meditation time with Omani. When it came time for her to meditate with Omani she decided to in fact sing and chant with him and record the session with him. Mary left the room once the woman was ready to meditate with Omani and went to chat with a couple of other people two rooms away. Within a couple of minutes, Mary knew something very unusual was happening, the unusual sound of the singing and chanting that was emerging was very distinctive and unique, so much so that Mary got up and grabbed her cell phone and hustled to right outside the curtain over the door of the living room where the lady was singing and chanting with Omani and turned on her recorder. Very very deep monk chanting and very high pitched beautiful singing was heard and some very very unbelievable unusual sound effects were heard. The deep monk chanting was of the deep sort one hears from Tibetan monks who have that special deep voice. This woman had never chanted like that before.


At the end of the session Mary asked the lady if she aware of all the singing and chanting she had done.  She remembered starting singing and chanting, but said she must have went off into an altered state fairly quickly as she was as surprised as Mary upon listening to her own recording. It became apparent she had entered an altered state and channeled in the session. What Mary experienced the next morning was a remarkable improvement in healing from some oral gum surgery and dental work she had had done just a few days earlier that was still tender and healing. The area where this work had been done felt remarkably improved and the tenderness while biting down in that area of her jaw was gone. Mary got out her pendulum and asked whether she had received a sound healing and received the answer “yes.” It also has further developed that this lady is now started on her new life’s work of doing sound healing through singing, chanting and using crystal bowls and music to do her work.





Omani came to his present guardian, Mary DeLaat in August 2013 from the Khosmic Univers-city in Orleans, France. Four ceremonial skulls from Nepal came to the principals of Khosmic Univers-city. Omani made known that his wish was to come to the United States to do his work with people here. Three of those Nepalese skulls remain in Orleans, France doing their work there through the Khosmic Univers-city there. Omani is the seed sound for the mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum.” He has a twin skull Namaskar, the Nepalese form of Namaste and who is one of the three skulls remaining in France. The decorations on Omani is circa 15th century. Four silver Buddhas adorn Omani’s crown along with silver filigree and coral and turquoise in a Vajrayana Buddhist style. 52 little bone skulls also circle his crown. And red faceted stones create the pupils in his eyes and he has a mischevious grin. 52 years is the number of years in the Pleiadian calendar year cycle and is also a key number of years in the Mayan calendar. Very often in these skulls sacred numbers were depicted in the number of teeth or decorations on the skulls. The crown of Omani’s head also contains 8 Nepalese Buddhist symbols or images called “8 Auspicious Signs.”

More unusual things have been reported by others that have sat with Omani. One woman and her young daughter sat with him. Mary has recommended that those sitting with Omani and Ixchel journal after their sessions and even draw things that come to them. The woman received a very interesting message and the daughter saw a vision of a very large being holding another skull in it’s hands, which the daughter drew after the meditation session and that was extremely unusual. The skull pictured was too unusual to make up. All who have sat with Omani, report feeling very happy and satisfied with the experience and have felt they received something for them. Another woman reported seeing a being/person who she understood was involved in creating Omani. These are some of the interesting things reported by those who have experienced Omani. And Mary thinks often of something Omani’s former guardian in France told her about when the four Nepalese skulls came to Orleans, France, that their residence started to be full of the sound of monks chanting to them.


Ceremonial Skull from a Nepalese Buddhist Monastery

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