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About Mary


Mary E DeLaat, CPA, QSCA Certified Law of Attraction Business and Life Coach, Business Consultant, QEHI Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner, Certified Sekhem-Seichim Master Teacher and certified in Level I Edina, another energy healing modality which is complimentary to Reiki.





















































































































I hope that if you are reading this, you decide you are worth it and want to manifest and explore like me your most amazing life and understand that you and your most amazing life are totally worth any energy exchange involved in coaching with me. If you are committed you will succeed as I have. I’d love to assist you as your coach, your Reiki instructor, or as a business consultant or some combination of these.


In 2009, after a corporate downsizing, and having received a nice outplacement package and while looking for my next large business opportunity I realized I was feeling resistance to re-engage in the “rat race” so to speak. I was invited to do some consulting while searching for my next opportunity. The search took awhile as this was during a significant market downturn affecting the economy and countrywide hiring prospects. Then I was asked to do a second consulting project for a privately owned company while I was still continuing my new job search. Soon after I started that consulting engagement I was quickly solicited to become that company’s contract CFO.  Before too long I found myself being even pickier about the jobs I looked at, and being disinterested in many that I looked at that were traditional big company jobs. By the time more 

Within two years I became aware of opportunities pertaining to and the lure of business and life coaching. One can do business and life coaching in person or remotely via teleconference, via Skype, or VSEE or via in person conferences or remotely via online conferences. I looked into doing coaching seriously and then started a year long program to become a certified Law of Attraction coach.


Not long after I completed my training I manifested more changes to my career and was realizing what and why I was manifesting the changes.

I again was creating more vacuums and spaces for further desired changes

in my life and opportunities to travel more fun places and have more long dreamed of life experiences. I enthusiastically embraced those changes

and continued training in areas such as Reiki. I am having the

time of my life and continuing to learn more and more ways to manifest my next deepest dreams. New dreams are surfacing now because I have accomplished so many of my dreams. This happens because we are intended to have an expanding capacity for manifestation. It will be fun to see what I have accomplished two years from now.


All of my Law of Attraction coaching and Reiki new career skills are facilitating the ability to generate all the abundance, travel, life experiences and activities I want to engage in and still be able to visit my geographically distributed family frequently. Hearing the degree of other’s successes and multiple situations of similar successes helps new students of the Law of Attraction and the power of intent build confidence in their abilities to manifest faster, gives them more diverse ideas on how to use the processes, and particularly in the absence of having had many prior successful experiences of their own. In my coaching and business practices, manifestation is not just theory, it is actual live science and supported by "real life" amazing first hand examples. I provide links to actual science, and ways the new student can prove the science to themselves and provide actual hard results, which provide more immediate powerful impact to new students of the realities of the Law of Attraction and the power of intent and help them create more powerful changes in their lives faster.

I have extensive experience working with family matters as I have and am part of a large family. I share ongoing parent and grandparent opportunities of 6 children, their spouses and several grandchildren with a best friend. I am the youngest of 5 siblings in a large extended family headed by a 94 year-old matriarch. I also am my mother’s power of attorney, health care advocate and health & life coach. My business experience includes being a Chief Audit Executive, a Chief Accounting Officer, a Chief Financial Officer and now being a business owner myself. My business industry experience includes specialties such as banking, insurance, petrochemical, health care, and various other public industries, private business endeavors, sole proprietorships and not for profits.

These kinds of skills are helping me create my ever expanding most amazing life yet as well as help others around me have more quality in their lives.  I mean “ever expanding” as I now have a growing confidence I will continue to experience continued and improving health and vigor myself as well as continued prosperity for many years to come to do those things that make me happy. Because of that I find my horizons are continuing to expand which fuels the desire to continue to focus on assisting others for the forseeable future, which brings me happiness and joy also.

interesting situations did come along that were offered to me, I realized I had manifested a better situation with more tangible and intangible life benefits doing my consulting. It was creating vacuums in my life, time to reflect, more time to travel, freedom from large company corporate deadlines that restricted when I could travel. I intuitively let my resistance influence my pursuit of more “rat race” jobs. I didn’t burn bridges, but turned down two very nice “rat race” opportunities.


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