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Business and Life Coaching Testimonial:



"I wanted to generate change in my job as a physician, specializing in Child Psychiatry. I wanted to reduce the hours I spent performing weekend on-call at a hospital, during which my wife and I would stay at a hotel close to the hospital to make it easier on me during this time. Although the hotel stays reduced my commute, they still took me away from the comfort of my home in the evenings on those designated weekends. I also wanted to reduce overall the time devoted to physician responsibilities and yet increase my compensation. In addition I wanted to retain a high quality in my work environment, work product, job satisfaction, professionalism and in my patient’s satisfaction and also accomplish the change in my work hours and compensation happily and easily.


Over this last year I have had at least 4 distinct positive changes in how I perform my job, where I perform it, and each time I reduced the overall time commitment, and each time I have realized an increase in compensation. The first change included eliminating the obligation to perform weekend on-call at a hospital. Then I reduced my work schedule to 2 half Fridays a month. And the changes kept continuing.


I now work four days a week, enjoy 3-day weekends every week, and have reduced my commute time to clinics more than 75%. Looking back over the year I am amazed how smoothly all this transpired and how Mary DeLaat, CPA and QSCA Certified Business and Life Coach coached me through this process and other positive changes to increase satisfaction and leisure time in my life as well as reduce stress. And I am not through creating more positive change in my career and life. I am looking forward to how much further positive change I will have accomplished by this time next year."




Daniel J. Cardona, M.D.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

"I wanted to climb Waynu Picchu without the pain I started experiencing in my knee from a past injury. And I wanted to go with the rest of the group that wanted to climb to the Sun Gate after climbing Waynu Picchu.  It seemed likely that my knee might get too sore to also climb to the Sun Gate. As I explained I had this injury, Mary asked me if I wanted her to do Reiki on my knee. After she finished I climbed pain free to the top of Waynu Picchu and then I was able to climb to the Sun Gate also without pain. Today it is a year and a half later and my knee is still pain free."

 Thanks Mary!


Testimonial from Julia Galli

"Mary is an excellent teacher and coach.  She will help you learn how to attract abundance into your life and business, because she is grounded in the world and works with the other dimensional realms.  When I had a session with Mary, she helped me find the correct “symbol” to focus on for my life’s work.  It was perfect and I use it in my visualizations."


Love and Light,
Patricia Morris Cardona, APRN, BC
Cosmic Mysteries School

Identifying/Clarifying Life Purpose and Next Steps: Nailed it!


- Sandy W.

" It is with my deepest gratitude and appreciation that I recommend Mary DeLaat to anyone looking for an 'abundance manifestation' coach.


Not only does Mary feel and know her 'material', she is totally present with you as you journey through your own 'stories' of any lack and/or limiting beliefs that need discovery, unraveling, and transmutation into the living awareness of being Abundance Now.


I feel I have a treasure chest of resources, tips, experiences now to create the life I desire with ease and satisfaction." 


As a retired school teacher looking for some 'business sense and savvy', I found Mary E DeLaat's Quantum Success Coaching very useful, helpful, and inspiring.  I've used her suggestions to gain more students/clients for both my ChiKung/TaiChi classes and Energetic Wellness Sessions.

                               - Jackie Millay

"As guardian of Ixchel, Mary DeLaat has been called to share her sacred and loving energies with everyone who is interested in sitting in her presence.  Ixchel has blessed my life in many ways, and has touched my heart and opened me to greater personal growth. 


Mary is a gifted healer, Spirit-directed, aligning with Edina energies as well as Reiki.  I feel more open and energized after my treatment.  In session, she uses the most amazing crystals, working in the presence of Ixchel, to amplify the vibrational healing rays.  Experiencing the energy of Ixchel and the healing rays is an opportunity not to be missed! "


Love and light!!!!!



I love my sessions with Mary because her combination of the two Reiki disciplines not only produces a feelingly of  well being and happiness, but I can actually feel the energy working in different parts of my body!
This is quite remarkable as our sessions are over the phone.
Further proof that reality is nonlocal!
I come out of each session feeling reset at a higher vibration. Thank you Mary!


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