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Healing Crystals Conferences

Kuyuichi Kanchay Wasi” Presents:

♪Melody’s♫ “Love Is In The Earth” –

Level 1 & 2 Workshops

Cost:  $450 for both classes

Location:    303 N. Grove Street, Standish, MI 48658

Call Mary DeLaat at 225-247-6746 or email to register.


Completed - April 24, 2016



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These “hands-on” workshops provide the foundation to understand and access the energies of the mineral kingdom. Level 1 workshop is a pre-requisite for Level 2. Successful completion of both levels results in TAOMCHI certification as a ‘Master of Crystology’.


In Level 1, Gene & Barbara will teach you ♪Melody’s♫ crystal basics, how to recognize and clear etheric cords and connections to/from others, how to use a Faden crystal to connect with the inner self and others, laying-on-of-stones in the ancient Vedic tradition, and stone layouts to identify and eliminate self-limiting beliefs via the “Gateless Gate’ stone layout.


In Level 2, you’ll continue the “Gateless Gate” work using the Consciousness layout; learn ♪Melody’s♫ past life ascension technique, a Tibetan pulsing technique for unconditional love, do a layout for soul journeying

And learn several other useful techniques for healing the self and others.


Join Gene & Barbara Jackson in an experiential workshop discovering the power and love of the Mineral Kingdom.  Gene and Barbara are both certified Melody Crystal Healing Instructors and members of TAOMCHI, The Association of Melody Crystal Healing International.




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