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“Summer” Pilgrimage Journey to Peru and Bolivia

14 days/14 nights in the Peruvian Andes Mountains


January 16, 2016 to January 30, 2016

Yes, the months of December and January are summer in South America

Saturday, January 16

International flight to Lima, Peru. Upon arrival there will be a bus transfer to the Buena Vista Hotel in Miraflores.


Sunday, January 17

There will be a bus transfer to the Lima airport for the flight to Cusco. The flights is approximately 1 hour. Upon arrival in Cusco a private bus will transfer us to our hotel in Cosco (The Royal Inka Hotel I). This will be a free day to acclimate to the high altitude in Cusco. 


Monday, January 18

We will visit two powerful places around Cusco, Saqsayhuaman and The Temple of the Monkeys. We will spend 4 hours with sacred knowledge and meditation at Saqsayhuaman. In the afternoon we will visit The Temple of the Monkeys and stay there a few hours to integrate energy and teachings there. Willaru will cover history from a transcendental anthropology and akashic book of Nature perspective. We will then overnight again in Cusco at The Royal Inka Hotel I.



Tuesday, January 19

In the morning we will move to the Sacred Valley of the Incas and hike to Pisac and visit Inca Palaces on top of the mountain where we will meditate and receive sacred knowledge of the Mystery School there. In the afternoon we will visit the Temple of the Serpent near Huaran. We will overnight in Casona de Yucay.


Wednesday, January 20

Rca on top of the sacred mountain. This is a remote monastery for the spiritual community. We will stay there four hours to study and practice sacred knowledge. We can take a box lunch or snack to stay there a longer time. No tourist comes to this place so it will be a special privilege to visit this location. We will then overnight in Casona de Yucay again.


Thursday, January 21

In the morning we will move to the remote Village of Ollantaytambo. The village is the home of the megalithic site of Ollantaytambo

(a Temple of the Sun). The Q’ero indicated there was once a large crystal heart in the temple there. After we check in at a hotel we will take our private bus for a 45 minute drive to an Ancient Inca Mystery School near Veronica sacred mountain where we will receive knowledge 

and wisdom to meditate. This Ancient Inca Mystery School place also is not a tourist site and has no tourist visitors. We will overnight in Ollantaytambo at the Tunupa Supior Hotel.

Friday, January 22

In the morning we take a train to Machu Picchu along the Urubamba River-Canyon down to the rain forest and Macchu Picchu Village. After lunch we will take a bus up to Machu Picchu ancient Mystery School for the higher initiation. We will visit many temples. We will find rooms to be quiet and meditate. In the late afternoon we will return to the Hotel. We will overnight in Macchu Picchu at The Andina Hotel.


Saturday, January 23

In the morning after breakfast we will walk along the Urubamba River to the beginning of the Amazon jungle and visit the water falls of Mandor where we will meditate on purification with the elemental spirit of the water there. We will take our time to integrate information there. In the late afternoon we will take the train back to Ollanytaytambo. We will overnight in Ollantaytambo at the Tunupa Hotel.


Sunday, January 24

In the morning we will take our bus to Cusco. On the way we will visit Chincheros Inca Village and megalithic site where we will take our time to share some topics and meditate. We will then continue the trip to Cusco. We will be back in time to have a free afternoon in Cusco. We will then overnight in Cusco.

Monday, January 25

In the morning we will take our private bus and journey to Puno and Lake Titicaca which is the highest lake of the World and which is home of the Inca civilization. On the way we will visit Inti Wiraqocha (a Solar Christ) temple. Then we will continue our journey running along the highest highway of the World to Puno and arrive late afternoon to the hotel there. We will overnight in Puno at the La Hacienda Hotel.


Tuesday, January 26

In the morning we will commence our bus trip to Copacabana. On the way we will visit the Temple of Fertility and entrance to Paradise there. We will also visit the retreat of Lord Muru, Amaru Muru. After we cross the Bolivian border we will take another bus to Copacabana and will arrive in the late afternoon. We will overnight in Copacabana, Bolivia. This hotel is still to be announced.


Wednesday, January 27

Early in the morning after breakfast we will take a boat to the Island of the Sun. On the way we will visit the Island of the moon. We will spend the night with an Aymara family. We will have time to gather and share Esoteric history of the Lake and Incas for one hour. Then we will have time to meditate. Our overnight will be on the Island of the Sun.













Thursday, January 28

In the morning after breakfast we will be walking to visit the Temple of the Sun there, an ancient Inca Monastery, and where we will have time to meditate and integrate the knowledge and wisdom we obtain there. Then we will visit other sacred places on the Island. In the afternoon we will take the boat to Capacabana. We will then take a private bus to La Paz and then continue our journey to Tiwanaku (Tihuanaco) Village. We will overnight in Tiwanaku Village.


Friday, January 29

In the morning we will walk to visit the Monastery of Tiwanaku, ancient Inca Initiation College and visit important temples with esoteric science knowledge contained in them. We will be here all day. In the late afternoon we will commence our trip back to Puno, Peru. We will cross over the Bolivian border back into Peru and overnight in Puno at the La Hacienda Hotel.


Saturday, January 30

In the morning after breakfast we will start our transfer to the Airport in Juliaca for the flight to Lima. On the way we will visit Sillustani Sacred site, which is a galactic gateway. We will have four hours at Sillustani to integrate the knowledge from the site. We will then have a two hour flight to Lima City. Upon our arrival to Lima we will stay at the airport to check in for the International flight back to our home 


Willaru Huaytaa, a Peruvian Shaman will be accompanying us on the trip and providing history, spiritual and esoteric information on each site and answering questions about the site. Please contact Mary DeLaat at or at 225-247-6746 for more information, to book etc.

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