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Spiritual Conferences

Ask, Dream, and Believe

Are you curious about spiritual direction? Would you like to find a spiritual companion to help you listen to the universe for signs in your life. Are you wondering how to take the first step? Join us for a free teleconference and learn how to begin.

Meditation and Mindfulness for Everyone

Why meditate? You may have heard how meditation and mindfulness practices can offer scientifically verifiable benefits for your physical and spiritual health. Meditation benefits include reduction in stress; improved psychological, emotional, and physical well-being; as well as increases in compassion and altruistic behaviors. Beyond the scientific benefits—and more importantly for many seekers and spiritual companions—meditation fosters an openness of mind and heart that can be transformative, making room for spiritual growth.

Spirituality and You

Train to evoke and facilitate Spiritual discipline and recuperative powers. This process allows you to expand and connect to your own true self so youcan feel better, think more clearly, and get what you want in life now!

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