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5 Week Teleconference Class


Identifying and Attracting Perfect Clients

5 Week Group Teleconference Class

Do you feel you don’t have enough clients?


Today could be a new beginning, a step closer to the bliss and abundance you so deserve and yearn for having when you have all the clients you want and the right ones.



Are you tired of all the usual and traditional marketing to get more clients? 

Are some of them hard to work with? Are you satisfied with the clients you have? Do you need clients to pay you what you are worth? Need clients to promote you thru testimonials? 



Learn how to get the right ones without trying to run after every client.



Under the expert guidance of Mary DeLaat, we will review the Law of Attraction, how it works, how it affects you, attracting perfect clients, even ones who bring you synchronicities and bring you abundant business success. Although many of us already know about this universal law, sometimes, we just need to be reminded and or inspired!  


Exercises will include processes, attraction tips, attraction knowledge, how to identify what traits your perfect customer would have and guided interactions and energy meditations. You will be given examples of traits you might want to think about building into the perfect customer you want to attract going forward. Discover how to get started identifying the most satisfying clients you want to have and how to attract an abundance of them, explore the steps you need to take, and do guided work to attract success in this area.



You will walk away with a Perfect Client Description, Attraction Plan and a tool box of knowledge and processes to continue manifesting your desires.




Dates and Times


Teleconference Class – consists of 5 (1 hour) weekly group classes over 5 weeks and 1 hour individual coaching session to be scheduled as follow up to the class or sometime during the 5 week period if you need help to break/release an energy or lack and limitation block you are running into.  Teleconference will be held on a free teleconference line. Call in number provided upon registration.  Classes will be recorded.



About Mary


Mary DeLaat, CPA, is a former financial executive, a business consultant, and the owner of Kuyuichi Kanchay Wasi, a retreat/school center in Michigan.  She is a QSCA Certified Law of Attraction business and life coach, a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, a Sekhem-Seichim Reiki Master Teacher, and is certified in Edina I.



Conference Registration Information:


Pricing :$222

Kuyuichi Kanchay Wasi School/Retreat

Mail Address:

P.O. Box 444

Sterling, Michigan, 48659,

Administrative Center:

303 N. Grove,

Standish, MI 48658.



Register with Mary E DeLaat at or at 225-247-6746.



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